If Nothing Is Impossible, Why Are Your Dreams So Small?

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One of my favorite musicals is the Brandy and Whitney Houston version of Cinderella. It’s not because the acting was Oscar-worthy (it wasn’t) but because it reminded me to dream impossible dreams.

There’s that one song where Whitney sings “Impossible things are happening every day,” and it’s true. I wish I could sing it for you without causing you distress but singing definitely isn’t my gift.


The point is the Bible says “For nothing is impossible with God.” – Luke 1:37


And even if you have beliefs that differ from my own, it’s likely you believe that there is a creator or an all-powerful force greater than yourself, that is there to help you understand that all things possible.


Isn’t that exciting!


We serve a God that can make anything happen yet I spent my 20’s  praying for things that I could have accomplished on my own like

help passing exams,

getting enough hours at a job to have money to shop,

or waking up early enough not to miss the bus.


Poor. Sweet. Girl.


Ha. I imagine God and The Universe laughing at my small requests because when all things are possible, I could have been asking for future insights, tools to create world change, and the knowledge to impact the lives of the people I loved. 


Too often, we remember “Ask and you shall receive” but forget that “All things are possible”. But pair the two and you have the recipe you need to manifest an exceptional life. 


Ask for the tools to move you out of anxiety, sadness, and depression.

        • Then upgrade that ask to tools to live your dream life happily and abundant.

Ask for the mindset you need to step out of poverty.

        • Then, upgrade that ask to the mindset you need to acquire and maintain a wealthy life.

Ask for a different job.

        • Then, upgrade that ask to a job that is flexible, well-paying, and has room for growth.

Ask for the desires of your heart.

        • Then, upgrade that ask to being able to help others get the desires of their heart.


The ask requires faith. The upgrade requires believing that all things are possible. 


If you truly believe you serve a God that is all-powerful, why are dreaming so small?


I offer to you that bigger dreams are available to you and it doesn’t matter your circumstance, socioeconomic status, gender, or your ethnic background.


What path, goal, or dream would you pursue if anything was available to you?


You don’t have to tell me but think about the answer to that question for yourself.


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"I've learned I still have a lot to learn." - Maya Angelou