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{Personal growth doesn’t happen in comfort zones, challenge yourself today.}

This can be the best investment you make for yourself today. Get started. Your future self will thank you.


The practice of saving money isn’t about getting rich. It’s about practicing discipline and patience. Have the discipline to say ‘no’ to instant pleasure and the patience to allow growth to happen. You have a purpose larger than your current financial circumstance that requires monetary resources, become a magnet to your money, this challenge can help.


Gratitude isn’t just saying “Thank you”; that’s just a small part of it. I didn’t feel real gratitude until I was faced with struggle, hurt, and pain. When all I wanted to was shout at God and The Universe for not protecting my heart, I was brought to my knees and there is where I found meaningful appreciation for #allthethings. If you are searching for ways to experience gratitude, this is the challenge for you.


We have a responsibility to figure out who we are and want we want to do with our lives and it doesn’t just involve picking the perfect career. It goes deeper than that. So. How about you quiet the noise of everyone telling who and what you should be and decide for yourself. That’s my challenge to you.


Feeling like sh*t shouldn’t ever become normal. If your energy is low, you lack motivation to move off the couch, and you diet looks like a bottom of a teenage boys backpack (crumbs, sugar, and leftover pizza), it’s time to change that. Let’s do it together, one goal at time