How About Leaving FOMO in The Previous Decade?

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Using phrases like FOMO always makes me feel like I’m a junior in high school but that isn’t the reason I’m recommending you abandon this sentiment.



FOMO is the acronym for fear of missing out. 



I get it. The thought of missing out feels scary. 

We chain ourselves to what-ifs, how comes, and could haves.

      • What if I was there…
      • How come no one told me…
      • I could have…


But…I offer to you that FOMO should be abandoned because God and The Universe have made it abundantly clear that what is meant for you will be for you. 


Think about that. Then, read this:


“if it is meant for you,

it will not run or hide or

avoid being yours.” -alex elle


I love this because knowing that nothing that is for me can be claimed by anyone else allows me to enjoy the process and the progress of everything with less stress. 



You see. Not attending that party will not be the reason you didn’t meet your soul-mate and missing that event isn’t the reason why you can’t reach your goals. 




This allows space for you to be genuinely happy for a friend or peer who didn’t miss out because that which she gained was meant especially for her, – not you or anyone else. 


Therefore, some could argue (me) that missing out can be to your benefit.

      • Not going to that party may have saved you from an unnecessary fight with a friend.
      • Not being present for that interview could lead you to become an entrepreneur. 
      • Not attending that event allowed you time to focus on a task that is moving you closer to your destiny.

So. If you are reading this and you think you’ve missed out on something, guess what? Perhaps you were exactly in the right place for your life to unfold as it has.


This doesn’t mean you aren’t worthy of what you are afraid of missing. It means that God’s timing isn’t always ours and we have to have faith.


“For I know the plans I have for,” declares the Lord,

“plans to prosper you and not to harm you,

plans to give you hope and a future.” -Jeremiah 29:11



What do you think? Are you ready to abandon FOMO in 2020?

Let me know in the comments below.


"I've learned I still have a lot to learn." - Maya Angelou